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Enterprise Logistics


As long as you have inventory, your business has a supply chain. Many companies focus on 'front end' such as marketing and sales, but neglects in the 'back end' such as supply chain management'. We can help your company to re-organize the logistical activities such that your business can grow. 


Is supply chain management important? Of course! This is evident by the fact that enterprises are making huge investments into this area. For instance, traditional companies like Deutsche Post and Singapore Post are rebranding themselves as supply chain players. Amazon is investing in mega logistics hub to deliver to customers worldwide. Alibaba has formed a consortium with various major third-party logistics service providers in China to collaborate on a nation-wide e-commerce focused supply chain solution provider. These facts demonstrate that even with cutting edge technology firms, the realization is that logistics is still a fundamentally importance area for business competitive advantage. 


Supply chain management is a diverse and wide-ranging discipline. SCMi Group has a strong talent pool with spcialists in different areas. 


  • Supply Chain Design and Network Planning

  • Procurement and Sourcing

  • Inventory Control

  • Warehouse Design and Operations

  • Transport Planning and Operations

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Implementation of Logistics Information Software

  • Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling

  • Cold Chain Management

The Industrial Components and Equipment Division of Hitachi operates a new regional spare parts centre in Singapore. In 2014, SCMi Group is engaged to study the workflow and organize a vendor evaluation exercise. The objective is to select the most effective warehouse management system (WMS). The entire exercise took nine months and a WMS was installed after six months implementation. This liberated Hitachi ICE from the constraints of the legacy system and allowed picking to be more accurate. 

Next Electronics is the leading consumer electronics wholesaler and retailer in Mongolia. To serve the rapidly expanding business, the company invested in a logistics centre in 2013. SCMi Group reviewed the operations and prooposed the warehouse layout, the type of storage and handling solutions for use. The management and operations team are also trained in modern warehouse management.  

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